Fresno Gumyo Taiko


Please note that we no longer can accept mail at the old Kern Street address.

If you have any mail correspondence to send us, kindly send it along to:

Fresno Gumyo Taiko

P.O. Box 27431

Fresno, CA 93729

Thank you!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all practices are canceled until further notice.

For more information, please visit California state's COVID-19 page.

Last Website Update: July 5, 2020 @ 19:11

2018 - Shinzen Gardens


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July 14, 2014 - Fresno Obon

Performance Manager:  Lee Jensen
        phone: (559) 313-9850

For general comments or questions:


2014 - Visalia Obon

2018 - Fresno Obon

Fresno Gumyo Taiko 2020

Pictures credited to their respective photographers. Thanks!

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