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Joining Taiko

We are not currently offering classes at the moment, but check out these other taiko groups in California that may have resources for you!

Los Angeles Taiko Institute (in Torrance)

San Jose Taiko

San Francisco Taiko Dojo

Watsonville Taiko

If you'd like further information about Fresno Gumyo Taiko's future classes, please read below:

Interested in learning how to play taiko in a group setting?

Please send an email to "" with your name and contact information, and we'll contact you when we're ready to start a new class!

--Practices are in Fresno, generally weekly on Monday or Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm.

--Our group operates as a club; we don't charge per lesson and we don't hire professional teachers. Instead, we learn from fellow members and generally have one major annual fundraiser we ask that members participate in.

--Bachi (drum sticks) will be loaned for each practice; higher quality bachi may be purchased from several online sources as well.

--Children should be at least 8 years of age; also, please plan to stay with your child during practices if they are under the age of 13. (of course, you are also welcome to stay if they are over the age of 13!)

--Classes will include both hands-on taiko experience as well as history and classroom lessons.

--You don't need to buy/bring your own drum, and no experience is required ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


If you have any questions, please send an email and we'll get back to you!

Thank you!

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